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The doctor who fathered a baby with three-person DNA, questioned in the US

A doctor whose New York fertility clinic offers treatment to raise babies with three-person DNA and prevent certain genetic diseases is being investigated by the US government, local media reported.
The US Food and Drug Administration warned in a letter to Dr. John Zhang that it should stop promoting this treatment, which creates genetically modified embryos, because the technique it uses is not regulated in the country, according to CNN.
Zhang and his team at the New Hope fertility clinic made headlines last year for the birth of the world’s first baby with three-parent DNA, the result of a controversial assisted reproduction method that allows parents with rare genetic mutations to conceive healthy children .
In the case of that baby, the method used the DNA of the father, the mother and a donor to prevent the mother from transmitting to the baby the genes of the so-called Leigh syndrome, a deadly disorder that affects the developing nervous system.
Because the US authorities have not legally approved this method, Zhang’s medical team traveled to Mexico to do it, since it is not subject to regulation, and after the birth of the healthy baby, the specialists disclosed their findings.
Prohibited Technology
The FDA explained to Zhang that the treatment, which uses mitochondrial substitution technology, is banned by Congress because it creates a genetically modified embryo and emphasized that the clinic promotes it as a way to get rid of deadly diseases.
The FDA warned the specialist that its reproductive technology is not approved in the US (FDA)
The FDA warned the specialist that its reproductive technology is not approved in the US (FDA)
In this regard, he reproached the doctor who, despite having committed not to use the technique in the United States until the FDA does not approve his research or clinical trials, continues to “market” the method to treat infertility.
In the letter, the authorities refer to an article released by the clinic team in which they explain that the embryo had been created in the country but had been implanted outside its borders.
For this reason, he called on the specialist to communicate what steps he will take to “address violation” of the rules and “avoid their repetition”; Although he did not say whether, if he did not, he would face some sanction.

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