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Entre Rios achieved record agricultural production

For the first time in the last century, the agricultural production of Entrerriana exceeded 7 million tons, since it climbed, to be precise, 7,019,675 tons among the eight main crops: soybean, wheat, maize, sorghum, rice, Rapeseed and sunflower. This means that the province achieved a record production record, or at least the record since the 2000/2001 season when the Entre Ríos Cereals Exchange began to record statistics.
The Agricultural Information System of the Entre Rios Cereal Exchange (Siber) released the final report of the 2016/17 agricultural campaign and there it is remarked that the total area sown was 1,975,600 hectares, 3 percent more (62,400 hectares) in relation to the previous cycle. However, if only the agricultural area is considered (without considering the double crop), the value is located at 1,690,200 hectares and, therefore, resulted in a fall of 1 percent (8,800 hectares), El Diario said.

The 2016/17 season, according to the stock market report, reached the highest production of the last 17 years with a total of 7,019,675 tons and generated growth between cycles of 46%, which meant an increase of 2,204,270 tons.

Considering the agricultural calendar, summer crops covered 1,690,200 hectares (86 per cent), while winter crops occupied only 285,400 hectares (14 per cent). Of the total produced, the summer crops generated 6,147,723 tonnes (88 percent) and the winter yielded 872,400 tonnes (12 percent).

Within the winter crops, wheat was the main crop, accounting for 94 percent of the area (267,100 hectares) and 97 percent of production (848,790 tonnes).

With regard to summer crops, soybeans took the first place 1,198,400 hectares (71 percent) of the area and contributed 3,380,885 (55 percent) of the production.

In relation to the average yield per hectare, the rice surpassed the rest with 7,269 kg / ha, one step down was the corn with 6,439 kg / ha.

Siber also reported that the departments with the greatest amount of hectares planted were Gualeguaychú (240,200 hectares) and Paraná (235,000 hectares). Each covered 12 percent of the total.

At the other extreme, Federación (20,800 hectares) and Feliciano (26,900 hectares) were located. Each accounted for 1 percent of the total.

Wheat experienced a 41 percent increase in surface area (77,000 ha) and a 54 percent increase in production (298,460 tonnes).

Soybeans had a 11 percent drop in area (147,000 hectares) but a 43 percent increase in production (1,009,495 tonnes).

Maize and sorghum had surface area growth of 46 percent (97,400 ha) and 62 percent (43,900 ha), respectively, and replaced the decline in hectares of soybeans. In relation to production, maize grew 49 percent (597,495 tonnes) and sorghum 150 percent (286,530 tonnes).

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